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NTB-000-029 2.9. Issues related to transit fees 2018-01-05 Ghana: Tema Port Ghana Resolved
Complaint: Representatives of GHTDA (a local transport union), forced a company driver to pay an entrance fee against attached document. Behaviour similar to Goro Boys and, upon verification, fee was illicit and non sanctioned for non members. Hence, the impression of an attempt to pass on an illigal fee in desguise.  
Resolution status note: upon complaint reaching office of Port Monitoring Officer and upon verification of incidence, port authorities instructed union to refrain from imposing such a fee in foreseeable future, especially yo non members.  
NTB-000-027 8.2. Administrative (Border Operating Hours, delays at border posts, etc.) 2017-11-06 Ghana: Paga Ghana Resolved
Complaint: On Monday 6th November 2017, about 27 trucks were stopped at the Paga border. The issue was, at their arrival, the drivers gave their documents to the customs who, in their turn handed the papaers to the so called goro boys. These goro boys came to the drivers and asked them to pay 10 000 CFA each before they continue their journey.

However, there was a directive from the commissioner of the Ghana Revenue Authority to stop the operation of the goro boys at the border. Speaking to one Fuseni, one of the goro boys, he told Borderless Alliance staff that the commissioner in his remark asked only the unauthorized agents to stop operating at the border.
It took the intervention of Mr. George ENCHILL ffrom GRA-Customs Division and a certain Mr Koulibali Sounkalo, from the Burkina Shippers' Council to release the drivers.
Resolution status note: This complaint was resolved as BA staff called on Mr George ENCHILL, our focal point person at VRA-Customs division; and M. Coulibaly SOUNKALO from Burkina Shippers' Council to intervene. These two persons spoke to the customs officer in charge at the border for the immediate release of the drivers.  
NTB-000-026 8.2. Administrative (Border Operating Hours, delays at border posts, etc.) 2017-10-20 Ghana: Tamale South Ghana Resolved
Complaint: Four truck drivers were kept at the barrier (entrance Tamale) for more than two hours (5:00 am - 7:29 am) without any explanation. One of the drivers called Borderless Staff to report the delay. The BA staff tried speaking with the police but they all refused to cooperate. After about 2 minutes, BA staff called back and insisted on speaking to the police before one of them took the phone. The latter without identifying himself told BA staff that they were verifying the drivers' papers. He continued by assuring that as soon as they finish the verification, they will let the drivers go. The same driver called BA staff back at 7:29 am that they were released. However, he explained to Ba staff that their papers were thrown to them on the floor by the police.  
Resolution status note: This complaint has been resolved as Chief Inspector TENKU, from the MTTD Head Quarters, during the road show along the corridor sensitized and educated some of the police officers on "police conducts".  
NTB-000-025 8.2. Administrative (Border Operating Hours, delays at border posts, etc.) 2017-04-30 Ghana: Aflao Ghana Resolved
Complaint: Trucks arriving at Aflao after 10pm are not being allowed to park in the yard causing serious congestion along the main roads leading up to the border.  
Resolution status note: The opening of the Ghana/Togo Border on the 5th August 2017 for 24 hours has resolved the problem of congestion and trucks are allowed to park in the Truck Holding Bay after 10 pm. The last customs check point before Aflao which hitherto before the 5th August 2017 directive was being closed after 10 pm was also opened for the movement of trucks conveying merchandise to be parked at the Truck Holding Bay.

L'ouverture de la frontière entre le Ghana et le Togo le 5 août 2017 pour 24 heures, le problème de la congestion a été résolu et les camions sont autorisés à se garer dans la baie de Truck Holding après 22 heures. Le dernier point de contrôle des douanes avant Aflao qui, avant la directive du 5 août 2017, était fermé après 22 heures, a également été ouvert permettant aux camions transportant des marchandises à être garées à la baie de stationnement des camions.
NTB-000-023 2.14. Other 2017-09-04 Ghana: Porko after Djama check point Ghana Resolved
Complaint: The police requires of truck drivers transiting goods from Tema port to Burkina Faso to provide weighing documents from every weighing point whiles the latter (drivers) also claim that after weighing at the port and the motorway, they just have to present these documents to weighing points of Kumasi and Djama for stamp..  
Resolution status note: This complaint has been resolved after notifying the complainant of the role of the police on the corridor in terms of checks.

Other drivers will also be educated on the matter during the upcoming road caravan organized by Borderless Alliance in Collaboration with Ghana Shippers' Authority.
NTB-000-022 1.8. Import bans
2016-11-12 Côte d'Ivoire: Noé Ghana Resolved
Complaint: On 12 November 2016, 25 trucks carrying iron rods imported from the Kpone Industrial Area in Tema, Ghana by an ivoireen company called “Fer Ivoire” were refused entry into Abidjan at the Noe border by the Cote d’Ivoire Customs in conformity to the new Customs directives “№ 1820 et 1822 /MPMBPE/DGD du 07 et 11 novembre 2016” .  
Resolution status note: Following Borderless Alliance intervention, the acting Director General of the Cote d’Ivoire Custom on March 2, 2017 caused to issue exceptional order No. 1354 MBPE/DGD/DRC-17 authorizing the immediate release and clearance of the 25 trucks through the Noe border into Abidjan.  
NTB-000-021 6.6. Border taxes 2016-04-19 Benin: Ahozon Benin Resolved
Complaint: Traders travelling through Benin have on several occasions complained about the presence of civilians along the roads popularly called “Klébés who are used by uniformed forces posing as customs officers and to extort monies from travelers (traders and drivers) along the corridors.  
Resolution status note: A directive -Arête 2015 no. 4480-C/MEFD/CAB/SGM/DGDDI ) was issued in August 2015 strictly prohibiting the use of Klebe by Customs services.

A follow-up memo was sent on 13 Dec 2016 by the Director General of Benin Customs to Directors in the service to reinforce Arête 2015 no. 4480-C/MEFD/CAB/SGM/DGDDI , with the order to circulate to all officers and the field and ensure compliance or otherwise face sanctions.
NTB-000-020 2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin
2016-01-19 Benin: Hillacondji Benin Resolved
Complaint: Traders transporting agricultural products and livestock were being required by Benin customs to produce a certificate of origin for goods transiting through Benin, which was against the ECOWAS regulations.  
Resolution status note: In a circular issued on 12 Dec 2016 (with reference to ECOWAS PROTOCOL A/P1/1/0 3 of 31 Jan 2003 by the government of Benin through Customs, a reminder was given to all Directors of Customs, Unit Heads, Heads of Security Checkpoints, Heads of Border Security, Divisional Heads, Heads of Institution and Heads of Trade and Transport Unions that the certificate of origin on agricultural products and livestock was not a requirement for transporting agricultural products and livestock.  
NTB-000-019 5.3. Export taxes
2014-04-15 Benin: Port de Cotonou Benin Resolved
Complaint: The Benin private sector reported that Benin applies a special re-export tax at the ad valorem rate of 8% on certain products. It turns out that this designation "special re-export tax" does not appear to be in conformity with the regulations, especially since the regime code used for the goods in question is EX82.00.054, whilst the code of general procedure EX8 relates to transit. This raises the question as to whether the Special Re-export Tax is actually a Special Transit Tax.  
Resolution status note: Withdrawal of the Special Re-exportation tax (Taxe Special de re-exportation) in Dec 2016.  
NTB-000-007 2.9. Issues related to transit fees
2014-02-19 Benin: Hillacondji Niger Resolved
Complaint: Members of the Borderless Alliance (BA) have raised the need to streamline transit processes and reduce the costs of transit in Benin. Even for ECOWAS approved products which should transit freely across the region, get into many transit issues in Benin.  
Resolution status note: The good news: As a result the continuous engagement with the Benin authorities over the periods, the Benin government, through the Customs have made revised the tax regime relative to transit and domestic trade. Reference to the new directive, Loi No 2014-24 DU 23 DECEMBRE 2014 portant loi de finances pour la gestion 2015, the statisitics tax. The document can be found on the notification page.  
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