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NTB-000-383 Extortion of money by Police 2022-11-21 Ghana: 2nd Barrier after Pong Tamale (BF - GH) Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: Driver got to the barrier, provided hi papers. The Police claimed the driver's Carte Grise was fake, and requested that driver paid some money  
Resolution status note: The Police forced the driver to GH 100.00 before releasing them  
NTB-000-382 Issues with weigh bridge/Overloading 2022-11-09 Ghana: Asokoa Weighbridge Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: Three trucks carrying clinker got to the station and found overloaded. This was due to the fact that the scale couldn't pick one of their axles, instead of six axles the machine picked only five. GHA asked them to the fine.  
Resolution status note: We are calling on all the driver unions to inform their their members that no overloaded truck will be allow to ply Ghana's corridors  
NTB-000-378 Extortion of money 2022-10-15 Ghana: Bonsu Police Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The driver's crutch failed and the truck could not move. The police came on the scene, called the Road Safety Management Services for towing. However, the Police refused to release the documents for the driver to report to Customs as required of them.

Moreover, after paying the towing fee, the Police insisted that the driver paid them before they release the papers.

Resolution status note: The driver was released, but after the Police had taken GH 300.00 from him  
NTB-000-377 Driver failed to stop 2022-09-23 Ghana: Police barrier after Wa Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The driver got to the police barrier, sent his mate to the officers without the papers. The Police then asked the mate to go and bring the papers. The driver, instead drove off leaving the officer no choice than pursuing them. When stopped at another barrier, the driver called GSA to solicit their intervention.  
Resolution status note: Driver was released  
NTB-000-375 Attempt of extortion 2022-09-21 Ghana: Between Paga and Savelugu Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The driver was unduly delayed by the Police after providing his papers.  
Resolution status note: After GSA intervention, the driver was released.  
NTB-000-374 Attempt of extortion 2022-08-26 Ghana: Between Nasia and Tamale (from BF to GH) Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: Trois trucks coming from Burkina got to the Police barrier gave their papers for checks. The Police claimed all the 3 truck's carte grise are fake, there they kept the drivers at the barrier from morning till around 1pm.  
Resolution status note: The drivers were released  
NTB-000-373 8.8. Issues related to transit 2022-08-23 Ghana: Nsutem Customs Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The truck broke down and he reported to the Nsutem Customs on the 18/08/2022. On the 22nd /08§2022 the truck was repaired and when he went to the Customs to take his papers, the latter requested that he pays GH 500.00.  
Resolution status note: Few minutes after GSA staff conversation with the Customs, the driver was released  
NTB-000-371 Extortion of money by Police 2022-07-21 Ghana: Fulfuso police barrier Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The driver got to the barrier, stopped and send the mate to take the papers to the officers. The officers took the papers and requested for GH 10. W hen the driver was told, he followed up and the officers repeated the same thing.  
Resolution status note: The driver was released  
NTB-000-369 Attempt of extortion 2022-07-13 Ghana: Around Techiman Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The Accident Preventive Squad took 5 truck drivers to the police station, claiming they were over speeding.  
Resolution status note: Few minutes later, the drivers called to confirm their release.  
NTB-000-367 Unnecessary delay by Axle Load operator 2022-06-06 Ghana: Sawla Axle Load station Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The weighbridge operator claimed the driver told him that their machine is not functioning well, because of the discrepancies in the reading. Because of this the weighbridge operator kept the driver's papers till the following day (7th June, 2022).  
Resolution status note: The driver was released  
NTB-000-366 Extortion of money by the Police 2022-06-07 Ghana: Barbato Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The Police claimed the driver failed to stop and asked him to give them one (1) gallon of Diesel.  
Resolution status note: The driver was released  
NTB-000-365 Issues relating to Axle Load (overloading and fine payment) 2022-06-02 Ghana: Axle weight station Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: These trucks were declared overloaded by the Sawla weighbridge operators. However, the scale papers of the same trucks from Burkina Faso showed otherwise.  
Resolution status note: The issue was resolved and the drivers released  
NTB-000-364 Misunderstanding between driver and Officer 2022-05-19 Ghana: Pualugu Police Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The Police controlling traffic tried to stop driver but the latter refused.  
Resolution status note: The driver was released after GSA staff's intervention  
NTB-000-363 Attempt of extortion 2022-04-27 Ghana: Police patrol btween Dawadawa and Barbato Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: A Police patrol car stopped the driver and asked him to pay GH 200.00 because they saw that the driver had ear puce in his ears.  
Resolution status note: Few minutes later, the driver was released  
NTB-000-362 Driver failed to stop and struggled with Customs Officers 2022-04-25 Ghana: Nsutem Customs barrier Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The driver failed to stop at the Customs barrier and was pursued. The Officers stopped him around Linda Dor. However, the driver refused to provide the Officer with his documents. This led to a physical confrontation between them. The Customs Officers took the driver to the nearest police station where he had been detained.  
Resolution status note: After few minutes, the Customs Officer went to the police station and the driver was released.  
NTB-000-361 Attempt of extortion 2022-04-01 Ghana: Police checkpoint before Sogakope Togo Resolved
Complaint: The driver got to the barrier, presented his documents and equipments to the Police. The Police Officer removed the safety pin on the fire extinguisher and tried it, which was not necessary. He later told the driver that they will give him a ticket for him to report at a court.  
Resolution status note: Few after GSA staff intervention the driver called to confirm his release.  
NTB-000-359 Attempt of extortion 2022-03-12 Ghana: Amasama Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The driver's truck got broken down around 12 midnight, and he waited till the next morning to get a fitter to fix it. The driver called the fitter early morning and while they were fixing the vehicle a police officer came around and asked them to quickly fix the truck so as not to cause congestion.
The vehicle was fixed and as the driver was about to leave, another police officer came on the scene and told the driver not to move the truck because he had already called a towing car to come and tow the truck. He then gave a ticket to driver to report to court. The driver called GSA staff who, speaking to the Officer was told that the driver had to pay something since the towing car has already moved.
Resolution status note: By the intervention of both GSA staff and the focal person at the Police Head Quarters, the driver was released  
NTB-000-358 8.8. Issues related to transit 2022-03-03 Ghana: A police barrier between Fulfuso and Buipe Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The driver got to the barrier and was asked to GH 5.00 without any reason  
Resolution status note: The driver was released  
NTB-000-357 Attempt of extortion 2022-01-22 Ghana: Police checkpoint, entrance of Techiman Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: The truck driver got to the police checkpoint, presented all his documents. But the police officer insisted to check his warning triangle and fire extinguisher. The driver did present the items requested and explained that his fire extinguisher was used to help a friend whose truck was about to catch fire.  
Resolution status note: The driver was immediately released.  
NTB-000-356 Attempt of extortion 2021-12-23 Ghana: Kadelso police barrier Burkina Faso Resolved
Complaint: Two drivers of "France au revoir" got to the Kadelso police barrier and were asked to park. But because there was a bus which broke down right at the barrier, the drivers did not know where to park. The Police took their papers and were not telling them anything.  
Resolution status note: Few minutes after GSA staff's intervention, the drivers were released  
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