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NTB-000-413 Customs Officers demanding for fuel money before going to inspect a truck broken down 2023-05-24 Ghana: Customs barrier Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The truck got broken down on the 24th May, 2023 and the driver reported to the nearest Customs barrier. After repair id completed on the 30th of same month, driver went back to Customs to take his papers. However, Customs demanded that driver pays GH 800.00 before he could get his papers.  
Progress: Driver reported to GSA. GSA staff speaking to one of the officers was told that the driver ought to pay such amount for fuel, before officers could go and inspect the truck.

GSA staff contacted their focal person at the Customs Head Quarters. The focal person also made other calls so as for possible intervention. He (focal person) proceeded to tracking the truck to know where exactly it was.

Few minutes after this, the driver called GSA staff to report that the officers had asked him charter a taxi for them to go and inspect the truck.

The focal person called back to assure GSA that the barrier has been located and they would do diligence to make sure driver has a smooth journey.
NTB-000-411 8.8. Issues related to transit 2023-04-21 Ghana: Tema Port Niger New View
Complaint: The Representative of Niger Shippers' Council reported to GSA the incident of a Customs Officer requesting for $ 65.00 for escort instead of GH 100.  
Progress: GSA staff reported the issue to the Customs Ass. Commissioner, in charge of transit, Mr. Ofori Antobre. The latter said the issue was resolved with the officer at the Port.
However, a crosscheck call to the Niger Shippers' Council proved otherwise and reported that the Customs officer is now requesting for GH 500.00

Another follow up call to CNUT proved that the officer was now requesting for GH 400.00. In total there fourteen trucks making Five Thousand Six Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH 400.00*14= GH 5,600.00)
NTB-000-410 Extortion by Police 2023-03-23 Ghana: Kumasi Police Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: Police demanded for money  
Progress: GSA staff communicated with the Police  
NTB-000-400 Language barrier issues 2023-02-15 Ghana: Bimbila Police Côte d'Ivoire In process View
Complaint: The driver picked goods from kpasa heading to Côte d'Ivoire. Upon getting to the barrier, the Officer realized that his "laissez-passer" expired and tried to make driver pay a fine. Due to language barrier, the 2 parties could not communicate. The Police then asked the driver to call anyone who could facilitate their communication.  
Progress: The driver GSA for their intervention. The Police explained to GSA staff that the driver's undertaking has expired and they have picked goods from a village heading to Côte d'Ivoire.

GSA staff explained to the Officer that fine for overstay is only payed to Customs at the border, and also the (foreign) drivers are permitted to pick goods from any part of Ghana to any transit countries.
NTB-000-386 Police handcuffed driver for finding cigarettes in his truck 2022-12-19 Ghana: Police barrier between Tamale and Bolga Burkina Faso New View
Complaint: The driver got to the barrier and was handcuffed by Police because the latter claimed to have found cigarettes in the truck.

A second driver who met the scene called GSA to report.
NTB-000-385 Misunderstanding between driver and Officer 2022-11-30 Ghana: Nasia Police Burkina Faso New View
Complaint: Two drivers got to the Police barrier gave their papers to their mates to be presented to the Officers. The mates were asked to add the carte grise, which they did. after receiving the carte grise, the police asked the mates to move back. One of the mate went back but then other didn't. This resulted in exchange of words, which escalated in the Officer slapping the mate.  
Progress: The drivers were released  
NTB-000-384 Recurrent overload claim at Techiman weighbridge and demand of fine 2022-11-24 Ghana: Techiman weighbridge Burkina Faso New View
Complaint: The truck left the port, passed through Motorway, Doboro, and Akom without any issue of overloading. Upon arriving in Techiman, the scale operators claimed the same truck had 6t excess. According to them the machine did pick only 7 axles instead of 8; this translated in the overloading.  
NTB-000-381 Customs Officer attempted extorting 2022-11-01 Ghana: Ahinkro Customs barrier Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The truck broke down near the Akom weighbridge and the driver went to report the Customs barrier close to by. After repair, the driver went to the officers to retrieve his papers. The officers were demading a sum of GH 200.00 before releasing the papers.  
Progress: The driver called GSA to report. GSA, speaking to one of the Customs officers was told that the amount demanded is not a statutory fee but a transportation fee for the officer who went to supervise the truck.

GSA explained to the Customs that their bosses from the Head Quarters always tell the drivers not to pay whenever such cases occur.

Letter, the with whom GSA staff was communicating refused to cooperate, situation which prompted GSA to call Mr. Ofori Oscar to seek hi intervention.
The Customs Officers at the Ahinkro barrier released the papers to the driver after Mr. Ofori's intervention.
NTB-000-379 Extortion of money 2022-10-19 Ghana: Police MTTD between Paga and Navrongo (BF to GH) Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The MTTD stopped four (4) tankers and asked them to pay GH 2.00 each without any reason.  
Progress: One of the drivers called GSA to report the incident. When GSA staff asked the driver to give to the police, the latter started requesting the drivers to provide for fire extinguisher and warning triangle.

The MTTD officer told GSA that the drivers provided only their triangles and extinguishers without their first aid boxes, therefore he would process them to court.

Ten minutes after GSA's intervention, the driver called to confirm their release.
NTB-000-376 8.8. Issues related to transit 2022-09-23 Ghana: Entrance of Techiman Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The Police stopped the driver and claimed the Insurance was not correct it does not appear in their system.  
Progress: GSA staff asked the agent to go to SIC for verification. SIC first by saying the transit vehicles do not reflect in the Police system. But pushing a bit further, SIC was able to rectify the code which appeared in the Police system.  
NTB-000-370 Axle Load related issue 2022-07-19 Ghana: Adansi Asokwa Weighbridge Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The got to the station weighed and was found overloaded. The operator claimed one of the axles was not supporting weight. This led to the overload shown by the machine.  
Progress: GSA staff speaking to the operator requested for a reweigh, but the latter objected. GSA staff continued and called the National Axle load Manager with the same request, but he also refused.

GSA staff escalated the issue to his HOD to seek his intervention.
NTB-000-368 Harassment from Police Officers 2022-07-04 Ghana: Entrance of Buipe (GH - BF) police barrier Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The drivers got to the barrier, stopped and gave their licenses to the Police. The Police claimed the drivers undertook a dangerous overtaking before the barrier. For this reason they handcuffed the 2 drivers from 9am till the time they called around 12 noon.  
Progress: When called, GSA staff tried to speak to the Officer who said they were going to take the drivers to their station.
GSA staff asked the Officer to know to which station they were taking the drivers and the Officer replied by saying, Kintampo Police station.

Upon this GSA staff gave Dr. Sasu Mensah, focal person at the Police Head Quarter phone number to the drivers for assistance.
NTB-000-360 Extortion of money 2022-03-25 Ghana: Ahinkro Customs Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The truck developed a fault and the driver reported to Customs at Aheinkro on the 21st February, 2022. On the 22nd of the same month the driver went back for the papers so as to continue his journey. But he realized that the ruck could not move. He therefore returned the papers to the same Customs at Ahainkro. The Officers at the Aheinkro did not report the latter development to their office for the necessary changes to be done. When the driver called on the Customs because they wanted the removed and the goods loaded on another truck, the Customs officials were asking the driver to pay an overstay fine of Fifteen Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH 15,000.00)  
Progress: When the driver called GSA staff, the latter got in touch with their focal person at the Customs Head Office to solicit his assistance.
After few minutes, the driver called GSA staff to confirm that the papers were released to them and that they were waiting for officials of Ghana Link for the removal of the device.
NTB-000-342 Issues with weigh bridge 2021-09-02 Ghana: Issues with the weigh bridge Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The Truck coming from Burkina weighed 60.780t. On their arrival at Sawla, the truck weighed 66.260. The truck was a six (6) axles vehicle.  
Progress: When called, GSA tried to negotiate with the weigh bridge operators so that the truck could move to Akom station for verification. To this the operators objected.

GSA later told the driver to pay the fine and continue his journey. GSA assured the driver that in the event of a lower weight, the driver would have to reclaim the amount he paid at the first station.
NTB-000-336 Extortion of money 2021-06-22 Ghana: Few km after Bamboe Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The Police asked the driver to pay GH 5.00. The pleaded with GH 3.00 but the Police refused.  
Progress: The driver reported the complaint to GSA. The Police accepted asking for money but stated that they were not imposing it on the driver.

GSA staff explained to the officer how those little actions could affect the effectiveness of Ghana's corridors.
The Officer understood and released the driver at once.
NTB-000-276 Extortion 2020-01-20 Ghana: Kumasi Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The truck driver was wrongfully crossed by a taxi driver at Kumasi. When the Police came to the scene, the took the truck driver to the Police station and put him behind the bar. Later on the Police collected GH 600.00 from the driver to bring him out. The driver called GSA on Thursday, 23rd January 2020 and said they asked him to pay Gh 500.00 for the to be tested before his release. The testing officer arrived on Friday, 24th, tested the truck and collected the above amount.
After that, the Police seized, not only the driver's International licence, carte grise internationale but also his car key, leaving him no option than to look for place to sleep. The Police later told him that the his papers and key would be given back to him on Monday, 27th, January 2020.

On Monday morning, the driver went to the Police station to retrieve his items, but the officer on duty told him to wait to the commander
Progress: GSA staff asked the driver to call him as soon as the testing officer comes, but he failed to do so. On Monday, 27 January 2020, GSA staff asked the driver to send him the officer's number which he did.

GSA called the officer on duty to understand why the driver wasn't released after testing the truck. The officer said it was an order from his Commander. GSA staff then asked him to let him know when the Commander is in.
NTB-000-273 8.4. Transport related corruption 2019-12-13 Ghana: Exit Bolga Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The truck's back touched the Police barrier, which fell down. And the Police asked the driver to pay GH 200.00 for them to go and repair the barrier.  
Progress: When asked by GSA staff, the first said they wanted the driver to repair the barrier and leave. When GSA staff asked the police to allow the driver to take the barrier to a welder then the Police said that they cannot give a police property to a driver to go and repair; but they will call their vehicle to accompany the driver to the welding shop.

Few minute later, the driver called back to say the officers were asking him to give them GH 200.00 and leave so that they would go and repair the barrier.
NTB-000-264 8.4. Transport related corruption 2019-12-02 Ghana: Fufulso police Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: Two drivers were kept at a particular checkpoint from 10 am to 3 pm. The Police claimed they did not have the stamp from Akom axle weight station. Therefore they had to pay GH 5.00 each.  
Progress: The driver called GSA staff, who was told by the Police that the drivers were kept because of the stamp.  
NTB-000-242 8.2. Administrative (Border Operating Hours, delays at border posts, etc.) 2019-10-03 Ghana: Paga Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: Three (3) trucks, of which 2 Ghanaian ( Daniel Osei: GR 3778-16 and Keneth Opong: GR 3769-16) and one Burkinabe (unknown) got to the border three weeks ago and have been told by the agent that the owner of the goods was supposed to pay a certain fee before they could continue their journey.  
Progress: When called, GSA staff took the agent's phone number and called him but there was no response.

After about an Hour, the agent called GSA staff back and explained that the trucks were stacked at the border because the owner of the goods does not have a permit from the Burkinabe "Food and Drug Authority". This permit is being requested by the Burkinabe Customs.
NTB-000-223 Extortion of money by Customs Officers ( 2019-07-01 Ghana: Customs Office (Head Office) Burkina Faso In process View
Complaint: The driver's truck got broken down and he reported to the Customs. After repairing the truck, the driver went back to the Customs to retrieve his papers but the Officers asked that he paid GH 300.00 before they could release the documents.

Let's note that the driver had been at the Customs from 8 am and as at 2:30pm he was not released.
Progress: When the driver called, GSA staff asked to speak to the officers there but they all refused to cooperate.

GSA staff called Mr. Teteh (Assistant Commissioner) in charge of transit who directed him to ask of Mr Agbozo and later Mr. Yankie. The officers just claimed none of these persons was around.
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