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Other type: Customs Officers demanding for fuel money before going to inspect a truck broken down  
The truck got broken down on the 24th May, 2023 and the driver reported to the nearest Customs barrier. After repair id completed on the 30th of same month, driver went back to Customs to take his papers. However, Customs demanded that driver pays GH 800.00 before he could get his papers.  
Progress update note
Driver reported to GSA. GSA staff speaking to one of the officers was told that the driver ought to pay such amount for fuel, before officers could go and inspect the truck.

GSA staff contacted their focal person at the Customs Head Quarters. The focal person also made other calls so as for possible intervention. He (focal person) proceeded to tracking the truck to know where exactly it was.

Few minutes after this, the driver called GSA staff to report that the officers had asked him charter a taxi for them to go and inspect the truck.

The focal person called back to assure GSA that the barrier has been located and they would do diligence to make sure driver has a smooth journey.  
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Ghana: Customs barrier ()  
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Burkina Faso  
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In process  
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2023-05-30 16:15  
2023-05-30 16:15