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Other type: Extortion of money  
The truck developed a fault and the driver reported to Customs at Aheinkro on the 21st February, 2022. On the 22nd of the same month the driver went back for the papers so as to continue his journey. But he realized that the ruck could not move. He therefore returned the papers to the same Customs at Ahainkro. The Officers at the Aheinkro did not report the latter development to their office for the necessary changes to be done. When the driver called on the Customs because they wanted the removed and the goods loaded on another truck, the Customs officials were asking the driver to pay an overstay fine of Fifteen Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH 15,000.00)  
Progress update note
When the driver called GSA staff, the latter got in touch with their focal person at the Customs Head Office to solicit his assistance.
After few minutes, the driver called GSA staff to confirm that the papers were released to them and that they were waiting for officials of Ghana Link for the removal of the device.  
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Ghana: Ahinkro Customs (Other)  
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Burkina Faso  
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In process  
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2022-03-29 11:58  
2022-03-29 11:58