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Other type: Extortion and physical harassment  
Two tanker drivers got to a police barrier at Yapei and was asked to pay GH 1.00 each, The drivers told the Police that the had kept long in Ghana therefore did not have any money on them. The police officer on duty seized their papers and later handcuffed the drivers. Two other tanker driver arrived on the scene and tried to plead for their colleagues. Unfortunately, the officer handcuffed them too.
This caused about 25 tankers to stop at the scene and help their friends, thereby causing congestion around the checkpoint.  
Status note
Due to the intervention of our focal person at the Police Head Quarters (Dr. Sasu Mensah), the drivers were released.  
Progress update note
The drivers called GSA for their intervention. When GSA staff tried to speak with the officer, the latter refused. GSA staff then gave Dr. Sasu Mensah contact to the drivers. The drivers called Dr. Sasu who intervene by sending one Inspector of Police to the scene for the immediate release of the drivers. This was done on the same day but the drivers decided to let their voice heard on this issue of extortion and police harassment on Ghana's corridors.

Fortunately on the following day, that is 10th July, 2021, a representative was sent to the so as to interact with the Police Administration on the subject matter.

At the end of the discussion, the Police Administration regretted the action of the officer and promised that such incident won't happen any more.

Thus on the same day all the tankers freed the road.  
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Ghana: Yapei (Other)  
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Burkina Faso  
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2021-07-13 10:18  
2021-07-13 10:21