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Other type: Issues relating Axle Load  
Two trucks which weighed under weight at Sawla (70t and 71t) got to Techiman and weighed 98 and 102t respectively. They were asked to pay a fine GH5,000.00 each. The drivers claimed their trucks were not overloaded thereby refused to pay the fine. They had been there since 19th June, 2021.  
Status note
The trucks were released without any fine after a serious intervention of GSA.  
Progress update note
When called, GSA staff contacted Mr. Abdala from GHA to solicit his assistance. But Mr. Abdala just told GSA staff that they understood some of the drivers do top-up at Wenchi, therefore they have to pay the fine.

GSA staff proceeded and called Mrs. Faustina Opong, the National Axle Load Coordinator and suggested that the trucks be allowed to go to for their weight verification. This was objected to at first but owe to the intervention of the HOD Freight and Logistics (GSA) the suggestion was agreed.

The trucks moved to the next axle load station as agreed. Surprisingly no of the two (2) was overloaded; they were all within the allowable weight.  
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Ghana: Techiman (Other)  
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Burkina Faso  
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2021-07-08 18:27  
2021-07-09 10:49