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Other type: Miscommunication between driver and Police  
The driver coming back with an empty truck was signaled with a torch light to stop in the bush around 10pm. The driver did not stop because according to him, they had been robbed on one occasion as this.The Police pursued the driver to a town called Nyoli and tried to forcefully put the driver in their car back to where he was stopped. The driver had to run away and leave his mate in the truck.The Police tried to open the truck's doors which were locked inside by the mate. The police returned to their post but notified the next barrier with description of the truck and its number plate. On the following day the driver was stopped at the said barrier.  
Status note
The driver was released after being advised by GSA staff  
Progress update note
The drive called GSA staff who explained the issue to the officer just as the driver narrated. The Officer understood the explanation and asked that GSA staff advise the driver not to repeat the same behaviour.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Ghana: 24 km to Wa (BF to GH) (Other)  
Reporting Country
Burkina Faso  
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2020-09-14 11:42  
2020-09-14 11:45