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Other type: Police harassment on the corridor  
The police pursued a driver and when he stopped the started beating him, just because the driver said he'll not get down from the vehicle. The in-charge certain carporal Ofori odered that the driver should be handcuffed together with the mate. They put both of them in their car to somwhere in the middle of the road (bush).  
Status note
The driver called arround 12 noon to confirm his release.  
Progress update note
GSA staff tried speaking with the police but they refused to cooperate.

GSA staff made his Superior (Baffour Ofori-Atta) speak to them but they still refused to cooperate.
This pushed Mr. Offori_Atta to call the commissioner of police at police Head Quarters.

The commissioner asked Corporal Ofori to immediately release the driver without complaining.

Few minutes later GSA staff called the driver to check if he was released. He was told that the police did not want release the gallon of gas oil they took from him. But GSA staff insisted that they release the gallon too.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Ghana: 20km before Banboye (from Burkina) (Other)  
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Burkina Faso  
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2018-04-16 14:10  
2018-04-16 14:13