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8.2. Administrative (Border Operating Hours, delays at border posts, etc.)  
Four truck drivers were kept at the barrier (entrance Tamale) for more than two hours (5:00 am - 7:29 am) without any explanation. One of the drivers called Borderless Staff to report the delay. The BA staff tried speaking with the police but they all refused to cooperate. After about 2 minutes, BA staff called back and insisted on speaking to the police before one of them took the phone. The latter without identifying himself told BA staff that they were verifying the drivers' papers. He continued by assuring that as soon as they finish the verification, they will let the drivers go. The same driver called BA staff back at 7:29 am that they were released. However, he explained to Ba staff that their papers were thrown to them on the floor by the police.  
Status note
This complaint has been resolved as Chief Inspector TENKU, from the MTTD Head Quarters, during the road show along the corridor sensitized and educated some of the police officers on "police conducts".  
Progress update note
I will urge the Ghana Police Service (our focal point person at their Head office) to advice their members in the handling of drivers along the corridor. This is because there are other countries where these landlocked countries can transit their goods from, but if they chose our country, we need to deal with them with all due respect.  
Policy or regulatory NTB
Ghana: Tamale - Tamale South (Check Points (Road))  
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2017-10-20 11:03  
2017-11-06 12:41