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2.14. Other  
The police requires of truck drivers transiting goods from Tema port to Burkina Faso to provide weighing documents from every weighing point whiles the latter (drivers) also claim that after weighing at the port and the motorway, they just have to present these documents to weighing points of Kumasi and Djama for stamp..  
Status note
This complaint has been resolved after notifying the complainant of the role of the police on the corridor in terms of checks.

Other drivers will also be educated on the matter during the upcoming road caravan organized by Borderless Alliance in Collaboration with Ghana Shippers' Authority.  
Progress update note
BA will be in touch with the Ghana Highways Authority to know and update all users about the appropriate procedure.

on the 5th September 2017, GHA was contacted on the issue. It was made clear that the police has the legal right to check the weighing certificates and the drivers must insist on the delivery of the certificate at every weighing point.

The driver concerned has be educated on what the police is to do on our road in terms of checks.
During the upcoming Governance road show, organized by Borderless Alliance, other drivers will also be notified of the role of the police along the corridor  
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Ghana: Porko after Djama check point (Other)  
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2017-09-04 14:15  
2017-09-08 15:58