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7.3. Corruption  
I was furious yesterday at the activities of the Benin Police who stamp peoples passport. In fact I was returning to Lagos from Porto Novo yesterday, and on reaching the Benin Immigration cubicle (where they stamp passports), I saw an ugly scene. Nigerians returning like myself were shouting and cursing, but nobody was ready to listen.
What was the problem? The Benin officers insisted that every new passport attracts a stamping fee of =N=1,000.00 and old passports (like my own) attracts a fee of =N=500.00. Previously they charged =N=500.00 for new passports and =N=200.00 for old passports.

I gave them the old fee, and they promptly threw it back at me. Even when I explained that I am coming from a very legitimate trip (From Songhai Centre), the officer-in-charge (around 1:00pm) retorted that Songhai Centre do not control borders, and threw my passport back to me. After shouting and waiting for about 20 minutes, (and being that I was in a hurry to move ahead so I can meet an urgent appointment in Lagos), I had no option but to painfully give them the =N=500.00, which they pocketed, before stamping my passport.

This reporting this incident i want to seek clarifications from you as to what is proper and also a call for you to investigate and sanction Benin Police & Immigration officers. All you need to do is to visit Benin stamping office with passport, and they will tell you the fee. Also Nigerian Immigration officers charge =N=500.00 for new passports and =N=200.00 for old passports. Please investigate all these, and restore order at Seme-Krake border!  
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Benin: Kraké (Border post)  
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2014-10-08 16:57  
2014-10-08 16:57