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7.3. Corruption  
The activities of these ‘goro boys’ were reported to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Trade and Transport some 3 years ago. Further to this, a memorandum was issued by the then Deputy Commissioner of Operations on March 24th 2011, to the Assistant Commissioner at Bolgatanga, directing that necessary steps be taken to stop these illegal activities at the Paga station and further directed that the transit truck drivers be made to present their documents directly to GRA Customs without using these intermediaries.

After a relative short improvement in terms of a reduction of these irregular activity , we can report that these “goro boys” are back at Paga and their activities have even extended to Hamle and Kulungungu border posts. This persistent problem adds extra and unnecessary costs to traders, rendering the Tema–Paga corridor uncompetitive for transit trade, and contributing to increasing costs of doing business along our transit corridors.  
Progress update note
On 23rd September 2014, the Ghana National Committee of Borderless Alliance met the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and respectfully requested their outfit to take the necessary steps to address the menace as it adds unnecessary costs to doing business.  
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Ghana: Bolgatanga - Paga (Border post)  
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